Tuesday, 13 July 2010


My 11 year old daughter had just written this poem for her homework.  I thought it was lovely so Im going to share it with you. Shhh dont tell her.


It was the life I wished to dream,
Growing up and being apart of this world!
I would sit with a box until the elders come.
I would hide it, as part of my room!
But yet only the treasures of my life;
The collections of my special world.

Feathers and birds eggs,
Sea shells and pebbles, swe
Just a portion of this world I share;
Other people might do the same,
But I do it in my own special way.

I grew up, my taste in collecting things went!
I grew up, but I still had that box.
I would go to the same beach and watch;
Watch the children grow; even my own.
At an older stage of my life at the age of twenty seven,
I had only one child at the age of three,
But that was enough to see the changes.

I had grown, yet that box stayed,
It would, for the whole of my life,
Just one box, to remember my childhood.
Childhood is fun,
The most fun out of my life so far;
So I wish to keep this box,
Just for my memories.



Lockygirl said...

Wow! What an amazing poem. As a teacher turned seamstress / card maker I can honestly say that it is a truly fabulous piece of writing. I love the poetry that comes out of the minds of children. Please keep adding it!!!

Sarah said...

such a great poem, especially for such a young lady, so deep and meaningful, well done x

. said...

Aww that's lovely. Elaine x