Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Basket Ball Team

My son lives and dies Basketball.  It all started in year 8 when he joined his mates after school at Basketball Club.  They loved it so much and had a fantastic teacher who put himself out after school hours to coach them and run them around to matches.  A firm bond grew between the lads and they went on to win just about every cup going, including District Cup, Kent Cup, England Cup.  They were even invited to play in the England Cup Silver Jubilee in Nottingham.

They also played for the under 16 National Squad of Kent Crusaders (now Medway Park Crusaders) and moved on to the Under 18's.  My son and some of his friends also joined Dover Pirates Mens Local league team.  I am sure if they had enough hours they would play even more.

My son and some of his friends are now in 6th form and were invited into the Basketball Academy, where they are studying BTEC Sports Nationals and my son is hoping to go to university to take a degree in PE and then Teaching.

Even though the lads have gone separate ways now, some college, some 6th form, they meet nearly every day to train together.

They have recently decided to start up their own team, initially local league and then hoping to join the National League.  They have come up against a lot of red tape and closed doors.  At present the are looking for:

1.     Sponsorship - to provide team kit, this will be written with sponsors name.  Initially this would be in the region of £250.

2.     Training Venue - they are approaching different schools and sports centres to try and obtain training                 venue.

3.      A ref.

The lads are working very hard at this and I am very proud of them all.  They also have a meeting with Canterbury City Council, but they have already been told that they probably wont help them as there is a recession on.  What a shame they cant encourage a group of 17/18 year olds that are trying hard to achieve their goals.

If anyone is interested contact me on sam.sgt@btinternet.com and I will pass your details on to the lads so that they can speak to you.

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