Thursday, 18 February 2010

Our New Cat Family

If you love cats you really need to visit

My first new member of family was 'Dotty'   Such a pretty cat and what a gorgeous smile.  But alas she was getting very lonely in her new home.

On my birthday I received a lovely parcel (addressed to 'Birthday Pants').  Inside was the most beautiful cat, named 'Moose' a wonderful gift from PussyGalore and a playmate for 'Dotty'.
Of course having a daughter at home, she was bound to want one of her own.  So after much nagging at me, I asked Pussygalore to kindly make one to order for her.  She decided that her cat was to be called 'Pancakes'.

So now we have our family of cats, and adorable they are too.  Each cat comes beautifully packaged and has its own kitty litter, they truely are a wonderful additon to any household.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Well its taken a long time for me to get back to you all about Libertys.  As most of you have gathered if you are on Folksy Forums, I was a reject.  I dont think any of us got through.  But I really enjoyed the whole experience.  I even managed to sell a purse in the queue.

I met some very lovely crafty people and I hope we shall keep in touch. 

Friday, 5 February 2010

Wish Me Luck

Yes, its come round too quickly.  Tomorrow Im off up to Libertys in London for the designers open call.  Not expecting much really but it will be nice just to see what they think of my work.  Its a pretty scarey feeling to know that someone is going to critique them when I totally lack confidence anyway.  I hope they are nice.

I am hoping to take the camera, perhaps can catch sight of some other folksters in the queue and say Hi.  Hubby and daughter are taking me up and then dissappearing to Hamleys (daughters idea) and the British Museum (hubby idea).  Leaving me to wait around in a very long queue no doubt.

Will post some photos and a report on the day.  You may even spot us on TV, as Maverick will be filming for TV show.  I will smile very nicely.

Catch up with you all soon.

Pants x