Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Some time ago I told you about my daughter and her desperate wish to own some chickens.   The idea was that she would help me make my mirrors and for everyone sold 20p would go in the chicken fund.

Thankfully, we live in a village and have a lovely landlord, who does not seem to mind us turning our garden into a small holding, just got to work on him for the pigs now.

After mentioning the chicken wish to a very kind neighbour, he  made a few phone calls and we were donated a coop and run and three chickens to go in it.  My daughters chicken pot had enough to buy all the equipment and food needed for happy chickens and last thursday they arrived.

The chickens have been named Hershey (left), Peanut (fore) and Twizzler (back).  They are eight weeks old and already have very different personalities.  Peanut is definately in charge.  Hershey is much bigger than the rest and likes a cuddle.  Twizzler is the friendliest and loves a stroke and cuddle and digging holes.

Just got to wait a while for our first egg.  The chickens are cream legbar's and they lay pale blue eggs. 

Of course, its the summer holidays and as I am a early riser, it has been down to me to crawl up the garden early hours, in my P.J's to let them out.

I shall keep you informed of their progress and hopefully some news of egg laying around Christmas time, fingers crossed.

Sam x