Friday, 4 February 2011


ACEO's stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals.

These are tiny cards 3.5cm x 2.5 cm, the size of a trading card.  Originally this started as an ATC, or Artists Trading Card and Artists would trade cards and collect them. But members of the public could not join in as they did not have any cards to trade and a number of artists started making the cards to sell so that people could join in with the collecting of these little works of art.

I have enjoyed making these for some years.  I would cut out card to the right size, pop a sheet in the garden, arm my children with glue and a large box of scrapbook papers.  They would spend hours creating tiny cards, of which I now have a box full.

Recently, they have caught on over at Folksy and there are some amazing cards being posted every day in all sorts of different media.

This is one that I listed recently.

Here are some of the wonderful ACEO's also found over on Folksy.

There are many more amazing cards to see over at Folksy so pop over and take a look.


Kate said...

thankyou for including my aceo. I just love them all

Kate x

CourtandSpark said...

Lovely ACEOs!
As a sewing person myself I particularly love yours, glass mountain's and see the woods'pics - gorgeous - and inspiring!

Leanne said...

Sam thanks so much for including my wee ACEO:)

Leanne xx

Yvonne Stewart said...

Thanks for including my aceo, I love the group you have put together, Yvonne x