Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nearly there

Whoooopppeeeeeee!!!! Nearly at my 100 sales.  It was only a couple of months ago that I really started to take notice and follow peoples advice on promotion.  I never expected to have such a great response and remember just back in November saying to my hubby how proud I will be when I reach 30 sales.

It just goes to show hard work really pays off.

Thanks to all those people who have helped and supported me.

This is my latest listing on Folksy today.


Primchick said...

Well done you...... :o)


Well done, love the purse. Kx

Simply H said...

Wow! well done - 100 sales, something I think I can only dream of! You will have to do a post on these and advice you were given on how to promote your folksy site as mine is stuck at 1 sale still from when I opened it in November! It's kind of on the back burner now, but would love to know your secrets - apart from the obvious that Pants & Paper products are lovely!!! x