Saturday, 7 November 2009

Featured Item

Oh yippee - just noticed my brooch has been featured on Folksy today. Really Pleased.
Funny but since I have sold a few items this week, my family seem to have more respect for the fact that sometimes I need a bit of me time to craft. Usually as soon as I sit down they suddenly all want my attention.
I had a lovely day yesterday when I received some of the items that I had ordered, every one of them was packaged so nicely and I had some little gifts in with them too. People can be so thoughtful and it really made my day, it gave me a real boost.

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Deborah Good said...

I love your brooches. I have worn mine loads and it always gets some lovely comments. I point them in your direction! And thank you too for the pretty lavender sachet that you included with the brooch, it's a nice touch, like having two for one!!